St. Albert Priory
Dominican House of Studies
Western Dominican Province

Welcome to St. Albert's Priory!

This is a primary training ground, a place of formation and studies.  Men from all over the world have come to live-out their Catholic vocations as religious following the unique charism of St. Dominic de Guzman.  It is in this priory that men prepare for solemn profession.  Some of the brothers have the vocation of Cooperator Brother, in which they live a Dominican vocation dedicated to the non-sacramental ministries.  Others have the vocation of the priesthood, and prepare for the sacramental ministries within the Catholic Church.   The Dominicans are known as the Order of Preachers, and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people is precisely what we are called to do in every facet of our lives.

Welcome to St. Albert's Priory
The House of Studies for the Western Dominican Province

Introduction to St. Albert's Priory and the Western Dominicans
by Fr. Finbarr Hayes, OP.

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St. Albert Priory Chapel
6172 Chabot Road
Oakland, CA 94618-1627

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Many of our brothers have studied Spanish in various countries around the world.   Often we enjoy studies in Oaxaca, Mexico.  While there we live in a famous church, a Dominican church, and appropriately called Santo Domingo.  Well, prepare a feature story on it in the future, but until then, here's a link or two:

Church, and yep there is a lot of gold leaf, guilding, etc. [English]

360 Courtyard View [new window]

Photos of Oaxaca culture, e.g. Day of the Dead, folk art, mercados, etc.

Photo Slide Show, get a feel for Oaxaca.

Tourist Info [Spanish]


monstrance.gif (13538 bytes)The Dominican community warmly welcomes you to celebrate the liturgy with them!  Please call 510-596-1800 for schedules on Solemnities, holidays, or when confirming.   Sometimes our schedule changes due to particular events.  GET MAP


Academic Schedule
Summer Schedule: Mon-Fri Morning begins at 7:30am and items with an * are in private.


8:30 AM

Office of Readings,
Morning Prayer [Lauds]

9:30 AM


5:30 PM

Evening Prayer [Vespers]

8:15 PM
9:00 PM

Adoration, Benediction,*
Night Prayer [Compline]*
with Salve procession

6:30 AM

Office of Readings,
Morning Prayer [Lauds]

11:35 AM


11:50 PM

Day Prayer*

5:00 PM

Evening Prayer [Vespers]

7:15 PM

Night Prayer [Compline],* Adoration
(except Friday)

7:30 AM

Office of Reading

8:00 AM

Morning Prayer [Lauds]

11:35 AM


11:50 PM

Day Prayer*

5:30 PM

Evening Prayer [Vespers]


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